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Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay, Jay Chou
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 / 10:26 AM

As a huge fan of Jay Chou, of course I attended the awesome pawsome concert. Was tempted to buy 2 days tickets but you know, the tickets ain't cheap! :/

So here's a photo of me, all equipped with light sticks & light bangle which were bought on the very first day when the merchandise booth was opened in the noon, wore my JayMS fans club tee and oh oh, my self customized necklace :p 

There were many booths outside of the stadium with games and freebies giving away. Didn't take much photos due to the swarming crowd. Could hardly walk through the crowd and crawl to the side to grasp for air. 

 Too crowded so once I met my group of friends, we entered the stadium right away. To enter, you need to queue too! :| 

Free light sticks were provided on every seat. Purpose to is to create a pink ocean among the audience as planned. Look when all lights were on, nice right?? :)

The machine Jay Chou came out from at the start of the performance is freaking cool. 

He has been working out a lot and yea, finally get to see his shaped up body in real life. Eheheh

There you go, look at those absssss. Ooooohh

Love all the effects. As usual, Jay Chou's concert never once does not come with surprises and well prepared. That's why it's worth the pay.  

I miss him right after the concert ends :'(

Threw all my hard earned money on all these merchandise. Not.cheap.at.all!
But yeah, wanna get them for collection and at the same time show support to my beloved idol. Heh.

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Wanna do something meaningful? Join us!
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 / 2:54 PM
Have you ever wondered how many people especially children die of younger in just one day? 
Do you know how does it feel to be hungry and with no food? 
Experience it yourself and show your support to help in collecting funds to those who are suffering hunger, join 30 Hour Famine! :) 
If you have missed it, no worries, World Vision held 30 Hour Famine every year! 

This was the very first time I conducted and led such a big event. Definitely ain't an easy task, months of preparation was needed even though it was only a 2 days event. It was exhausting but great experiences gained! I made a lot a lot a lot new friends in this event. 

All committees were in Sunway University by 6.30am on the event day to do their final preparation. 
All had McD for breakfast, their 'last meal' :p
Then registration started at 9am sharp!

10am and the timer was triggered.
Started with all the dry speeches and also delivered information about 30 Hour Famine, then list of fun and exciting activities brought all participants to get along with each other better!

You probably don't get a chance to overnight in your uni campus right?! So yeah, all participants finally get to experienced it. Overnight in Sunway University campus with your friends. Talk about YOLO-ness.

The next morning was the concert day! Woo-hooooo~ Everyone was cooperative, all managed to woke up at 5.30am!! Impressive huh? :D It's all because everyone was excited and couldn't wait to get to the stadium asap.

While waiting outside the stadium, it was photo-taking time for all of them except me :/ 
Yea, didn't get to take many photos with them cause was busy queuing for registration.
The lady in red was one of the volunteer under World Vision, she and her friends were selling merchandises for fund raising as well. Many more booths in the stadium too.

Christine Fan 范瑋琪 was the star guest of the day! 
There were many other artists too. Performances were great and the stadium was packed! Felt awesome to see such huge crowd. It shows that many of us are doing good deed yo! 

Then the long awaited break fast moment was at 4pm. Homesoy soya, brands chicken essence and bread were provided and that was probably the tastiest bread everyone has ever tasted! :p 
Everything taste better when you're super hungry, no? 

Lastly, group photo session :)
*Few committees were left out as they weren't able to join the concert due to finals, sad*

Short thank you message:

Very thankful to the World Vision staff who guided me all the way. 
Of course, never forget my board of committees! Love them! They were excellent, helped me in every way they could , appreciate all the help they offered me. Glad to have this bunch of awesome people with me to go through this tough path. 
Thank you to all participants for supporting this event too! Without you guys, this camp would not have been so successful. 
Last but not least, our sponsors!! Thank you so much, your kindness really made a big difference. 


And yea, since there are not many photos of me, please allow me to post a selfie of myself in the 30 Hour Famine tee, heh :p 

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Scars never fade. They remain as reminder.
Friday, August 16, 2013 / 12:56 AM
Scars 伤疤

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal.
Sometimes you can't always see the pain that someone feels.

Everyone has scars. Scars that are either visible or non-visible. 

Scars that can't be seen are harder to heal.

No one likes scars.
Scars look ugly but understand the stories behind them, you may find them beautiful or meaningful.

Every scar marks a lesson in life, learn from it and never make the same mistakes again.
That is my personal opinion of scars. 

I have many scars: visible, non visible, accident, even scars carved on purpose.

There are times when I'm over stressed about my life, 
probably too sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, etc., 
I mark scars on myself.
It IS bad, I know but I am not sick.
That is how I ensure myself to remember that very important moment,
feel the pain or sadness I am feeling at that particular moment,
remember it and promise myself to never let it happen again.
Once in a while, look back at them and reflect about life.
Nothing's perfect.

Advice to all:
"Better be careful every time you say things. Because even a word can leave a lifetime of scars which a sorry may not be able to erase."

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Life goes on.
Saturday, July 20, 2013 / 9:39 PM
Life has many ways of testing a person's will,
either by having nothing happen at all
or by having everything happen all at once.

"I'm tired! Tired of everything."
Telling people you're tired, when in reality you're just sad. 
True? Kinda.

Sometimes I really feel like disappearing. 
Facing the different opinions of the people in this society ain't easy.
There are times when I don't understand and can't accept them. 

I know this is bad, so yeap, there's this reminder:

For my future, I shall not give up easily. 
Imma focus on my studies, study hard and graduate in one year time.
Out of uni life and step into the real world.
I hope that things will go as my plan. 

Get up! Work harder! 
Accept the challenges and overcome them :)
Think positive, stay positive.
Live a positive life.

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Be strong and move on, shall we?
Friday, May 24, 2013 / 11:14 PM
Flowers wilt

Feelings don't lose overnight.
It loses one step at a time.

One of the hardest decisions you'll ever faced in life is 
choosing whether to walk away or try harder.

Looked back. 
Subconcious mind's playing an influencing role.
It says: "Start walking." 

I've taken the first step. It's cruel.

The one who has been left behind hurts badly 
so do the one who walks away.

No one knows bout it as she walks and resists to look back.

And now, it is the time. 
Time to say

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Let it out. Let's dance freely and enjoy the nature!
Sunday, January 27, 2013 / 1:39 AM
Pouring rain.

Rain rain rain. 
Ever thought of doing something extra-ordinary in the rain? 
Many girls want a kiss in the rain :)

Thinking back when I was a kid, I used to play in the rain often. Miss those days!
Always wanna try dancing in the rain. Heavenly relaxation!

Still waiting...
 waiting for the right partner(s) to dance together in the rain with me.

Anyone out there wanna try? 
Everyone can dance, all you needa do is to let go of yourself ;) 

"If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, You will ignore what is." 

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Nothing beats spiky leathery.
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 / 2:07 AM
Madly in love with the latest spiky trend! Oh, it becomes much more awesome by mix matching with the leathery trend that I love crazily all these while! :D


Starting with the spiky leather jackets:

Then, the never outdated leather skinnies

Never forget, my favourite spiky boots/heels:

AWESOME right?!!!!
 If only I have monaayyy, I'll buy them all! Like for sure, all.

So, to cut it short, Imma just show you people what's the complete style that I've been craving to get. Ehhheheee >.<



Coooooool!!!! No? 
Have I mentioned bout it before that I've been wanted to be a biker girl since young? Thats my dreammm! 

Dressing up coolly with a bike like this:

Bike first then only race cars. I know I'm weird but that's me :) 
I'm original :X 

This is the dream look I wanna have:

Okay, maybe with the hair tie up :p

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